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Established in 1989, Network Wiring Services has been providing voice and data communications cabling needs for more than 30 years, with clients spanning from major universities and national retail clients such as Home Depot® and Costco®, to residential and local office work. Our skilled technicians not only specialize in the design and installation of high-quality voice and data wiring systems, but take their expertise one step beyond by providing complete end-to-end connectivity.

We professionally install Category 5e cable for phone or data, Category 6 cable, and both single and multimode fiber optic cable. We also install other low voltage cable types, including RG-6 coax for CATV and high-quality audio/speaker cabling.

By choosing Network Wiring Services, our clients receive local support, technicians skilled in telephone, paging, and computer systems, and a modular, easy to change, wiring system. We design and implement structured cabling systems with our client’s best interest as our primary focus, avoiding vendor lock-in. In addition to our cabling services, we sell and service Nortel™ phone systems and service most other phone systems currently available.

Contact us at 425-977-4470 or info@networkwiringservices.com to learn more about our network cabling services.

Washington Contractors license # NETWOWS995LF